Sculptures in Stone and Metal





Eliseo is an accomplished multi-media sculptor with extensive experience in private, commercial, and public art sculpture utilizing traditional natural stone, steel, and cast bronze creations. His project approach focuses on intensive research and open communications with design teams and committee members on defining visions and goals of the project. His natural stone bas-relief wall murals, and three dimensional single or multiple piece stand-alone sculptures are valued for their visual impact, innovative free flowing designs, substance, and relevance to theme content.

Eliseo, a native of Dallas, TX, graduated from North Dallas High School, served in Viet Nam, and obtained his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Texas. He began his career in the graphics and arts departments of the corporate arena, and at the age of 45, Eliseo courageously leaped out on his own to fulfill his life-long dream of being a sculptor.

He has expertise in both indoor and outdoor public art sculpture and has the professional capability to work in multiple styles, i.e., representational, abstract, and contemporary, using a variety of design and sculptural elements in creating his final art forms. He possesses a special ability to personalize specific narratives through his designs by using recognizable imagery and/or dramatic interplay of abstracted shapes, textures and lighting to make expressive symbolic references to thematic objectives.

Eliseo's creations can be appreciated throughout the Dallas metroplex, both in public spaces, as well as in various private collections and extend internationally to Japan and the Virgin Islands. He has been awarded the VHA Designer and Sculptor Award,  the Texas State Visual Artist Award, North Dallas High School Distinguished Alumni Award, and the The Dallas Historical Society AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNITY SERVICE in the category of Creative Arts 2016.

Eliseo shares his talents with young students demonstrating to various groups the art of sculpting and answering their questions about being a sculptor and artist. He also teaches veterans painting and sculpture as a method of therapy and healing.


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